Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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A Great Big thank you to our friends at NZ On Air for all their support: 

  •  - NZ On Air work hard to ensure there are lots of cool kids stories on radio and TV just for you and your families!

Here are some fun sites for you to visit:

NEW Friends:

  • Anna van Riel has just released a combo - CD and a Songbook / Cookbook!!!  You can check out all her cool songs here. 

  • Itty Bitty Beats are creating some cool sounds in Christchurch, especially for the itty bitty sized kids in your family.

  • The DooDahscome from Tauranga and are a wacky new rock/pop band, for kids of all ages.  

  • It's not a Monster, It's Me! is a song written and performed by Raymond McGrath of the Little City Critters  It won the What Now Children's video wards in 2013, and it is very good!  

  • Fleabite are the winners of the 2015 NZ Children's Video Awards with their song Don't Sit Under the Poo Tree.

  • Poppetstars hit our screens in 2014 and feature music from some of our favourite singers (like Kath Bee!) and people like you!

  • The Plops - Let's Go!   The Plops were a group of kids' entertainers that were based in Wellington.  This is the link to a YouTube clip for one of thier most popular songs.

  • - Creators of digital stories, songs and learning for kids - based in Christchuch, Canterbury 



Dr Patch Adams believes laughter is the best medicine. You can visit his website but you’ll find it’s aimed more at adults so visit this page for some cool jokes to tickle your funny bone.

“Here are some of NZ’s very own Clown Doctors, who visit patients in hospital with one thing in mind – to find a patient’s funny bone!”.  Their web address is

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