Thursday, 14 December 2017

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Shout Outs

If you want to SAY 'GIDDAY' to a friend, someone in your family
or even hear your own name mentioned on the radio let us know.

You can even REQUEST your favourite song or story here. 

And you can share your favourite JOKES here too!

Fill in the form below and we'll do our best to get your shoutouts, 
requests and jokes up here and on the radio as soon as we can and
your songs and stories on-the-air!

This week's Shout Outs

Hello to Mason, Cody and Maki

Hi to Archie

G’day Caelan!

Hi to the Grant family.

Hello to Islay from Mata…

Hi Sara, Kent and Cody

Hey Jake and Olivia.

Hi to the Kershaw family…

This week's Request


This week our Classic story was another request. 

Mason requested a classic Bugs Bunny story – Bugs Bunny Meets Elmer Fudd. Thanks Mason!


If you have a song or a story you’d like to request please just use the request form on this page and remember to include who you’re requesting it for.









Request a Shout Out, Song or Story,
or share a Joke!


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